• Image of petroleum blue silk kimono w plum flowers and peach lining


Each and every one of the kimonos in this collection is a unique piece of craftmanship from a time in history, when mastering a craft was not only a trade but also a way to be 'closer to god'.
Every stitch is made by hand. And the textiles are of such high quality, as their intricate patterns and textures are made on the basis of an abundance of variations of Japanese craft techniques like, yuzen drawings, damask weaving, brocades, shibori tie dyes, and ikat weavings, among others.. The beauty of the kimono shows the specific sense of flair, for detail, as well as for colours, which through out time has made Japanese craftsmanship known world wide for the exceptional high quality.

A kimono is surrounded by an almost fairy tale air and since there is, according to the tradition, only one of each kimono - there only is one story.. maybe that is part of the secret to the ineffable fascination of the kimono and its daydream-inducing beauty.

Length: 141 cm

Year: ca. 1950'-60'

Material: silk

Washing instructions: silk prog. machine 30°